Welcome to Indivisible OC 46

Who We Are
Welcome residents of the 46th Congressional District (Santa Ana and parts of Anaheim, Orange, and Garden Grove)!

We exist to resist the Trump agenda based on a defensive and local strategy, working through our Members of Congress, inspired by the Indivisible Guide: IndivisibleGuide.com.

Group Principles

  • Donald Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped.
  • In order to work together to achieve this goal, we must model the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness.
  • Non-Violence

Strategy Focus

  • local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress (MoCs): 2 Senators, 1 Rep
  • defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda based on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption

Connect With Us
Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/indivisibleOC46
Email: IndivisibleOC46@gmail.com
Twitter: @indivisOC46
Join our Email List: http://bit.do/IOC46

Facebook Community Guidelines 

We’d love for you to share! In order to keep the conversation productive, and action-oriented, these are our Facebook community guidelines

  1. Before posting, ask yourself: Is this post intended to inform, spur action, or provoke emotion? If it’s intended to inform or spur action, great! If you are posting because you want someone to feel as mad/sad/frustrated/scared as you are feeling in that moment, it’s probably not a good post.
  2. When you post a link or article, always include a comment: Say why you thought it was worth sharing, how it relates to our group’s work, or what kind of discussion or actions you hope to spark.
  3.  For a call to action (#C2A), include relevant information such as: Bill#, who to call, phone number, deadline (if relevant), what action we want them to take, and why. Sample Call to Action: “Call Rep. Correa at (202) 225-2965 and ask him to vote No on the GOP Health Care Bill, HR 1628. The House is voting Thursday, March 23rd. This bill would cause 24 million people to lose health coverage, including 185,000 residents of District 46.”
  4. We do not permit posting fundraisers, gofundme, etc, unless they are fundraising projects the group has decided to conduct as part of our activism work.
  5. Treat each other with respect. Disagree with civility. Do not engage in name-calling, ad-hominem attacks, etc.

Posts that violate our community guidelines may be removed by group admins. Admins may revise these community guidelines from time to time.

Getting Involved

We are a brand new group, and we are in the process of forming committees to work on Actions, Marketing, Publicity, Research, and more. If something interests you, jump right in. If you want to plan an action, post about it on Facebook or Slack and get the ball rolling. If you see something that needs doing, volunteer to do it! Please feel empowered to take leadership.


Facebook The Facebook Group is the hub of our group. It’s where we will post action alerts, meeting announcements and overall group communication. Our Facebook Group is Closed. We ask that our members use their best judgment when adding friends to the group so that we can maintain an effective space to share information and ideas.

**Twitter & Instagram ** Twitter are our public facing communications. This is where we post photos, videos and announcements that we want to share with the media and the public.

Meetings Our monthly meetings are typically the second Wednesday of every month from 7-9pm at the LGBT Center on 4th in Santa Ana. Check the Facebook Group.

** Research Project – Evernote Database Tracking Lou Correa**
When you run across news about our Congressman, Lou Correa, please email it to the shared Evernote account where we are gathering research. This can be news articles, voting records, bills he’s written or co-sponsored, videos and photos from in-person events, etc.

Email to twwresearchoc.7e943a5@m.evernote.com **And put “@46 Correa”** at the end of the subject line. More detailed instrutions about this project can be found at:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YvBb50nVad2EWia4_IiVgZjjan1nYZgJIQ8wh56mTW4/edit


Action Tools
http://Indivisible.org – Read the Indivisible Guide that started it all.
https://dailyaction.org/– Get a text every morning with one call you can make.
https://5calls.org/ – Make Five calls per week
https://resistbot.io/ – Text messages and it ResistBot will fax it to your MoC
https://jenniferhofmann.com/home/weekly-action-checklist-democrats-independents-republicans-conscience/ – Jennifer Hoffman’s Weekly Newsletter of Actions
www.countable.us – Website and mobile app to communicate with your legislator.
https://ca.state-strong.org – Advocate for progressive policy at the California State level.

Other Opportunities for Involvement
http://www.ocprogressiveevents.info/ – A comprehensive list of all meetings, rallies, and all progressive events in Orange County.
https://www.nlg.org/oc – Become a Legal Observer
Text IIOC to 714-248-0999 to be alerted to action items to support our Islamic Neighbors

https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/ – Tracking MoCs and how they vote with/against Trump.
www.congress.gov – Track bills, representatives, etc.
www.govtrack.us – Follow legislators
http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/ – Follow California State-level bills. www.votesmart.com – Track voting history https://www.majorityleader.gov/2017-calendar/ – Calendar of the House of Representatives, showing days in session and district work days. www.opensecrets.org – Track campaign contributions www.federalregister.gov – The Daily Journal of the US Govt (contains text of all Executive Orders)
http://www.census.gov/mycd/ – Census Data by Congressional District. Learn about the demographics and needs of the district.

TOPIC-SPECIFIC TRACKING How many in each district will lose health coverage if Obamacare is repealed? http://acasignups.net/17/02/19/how-many-could-lose-coverage-your-congressional-district

HOW TO CONTACT MEDIA/PRESS: http://indivisibleoc.org/how-to/contact-your-press/- A Guide to Writing a Letter to the Editor – http://bit.ly/2kw56W8 Indivisible Media Guide https://www.indivisibleguide.com/group-toolkit#media-header**

Share Stories with Indivisible National Team: Share your pictures, videos, and stories with us at stories@indivisibleguide.com, use #indivisible and tag @IndivisibleTeam on Twitter, or post them to Facebook.com/IndivisibleGuide. Other things you need more support with this week? Shoot us an email at field.indivisible@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help out

Local Press Contacts Theresa Sears, Involvement Editor, Voice of OC – (Please send media advisories) E-mail: tsears@voiceofoc.org Office: 714.558.8642 Mobile: 714.287.9160

Self-Care for Activists 
Because this is a Marathon, not a Sprint, and we need you here for the long haul. https://medium.com/the-coffeelicious/how-to-stayoutraged-without-losing-your-mind-fc0c41aa68f3#.n9yo3hoqa